About Us

The little cacoon (cocoon) means to be snuggled up. We wanted our kids spelling to be incorporated into the name. The closest letter we could find that will not change the whole word completely was the letter A. That's how The Little Cacoon was born.

The idea for this has been in the making for years. It started as a small idea in the back of my mind when my first baby was born. He had eczema and was a summer baby. I wanted to wrap him in natural, breathable and soft cloths that won't aggravate his skin. That's where my passion for only using natural products and fabrics on my baby started. The little cacoon came in fruition after the birth of my second baby. He has epilepsy and one of his triggers is being overheated. This made me search high and low for cooling fabrics (bamboo) that I was able to wrap him with. I hope that your little ones will enjoy being cacoon-ed and snuggled up as much as my kids did!

Besides muslin cloth, we also stock other necessities that every mum and bubs need.

Every product that has made your way into your home is of the highest quality. I have the cutest quality checkers (my 2 toddlers and mumma bear) who have tested each product to its limits. You can be rest assured that our products are of the highest quality.

Happy shopping and thank you for supporting a small business.