Koala Breast Pad

Koala Breast Pad

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These breast pads are handmade with cotton, PUL, bamboo wadding and flannelette fabrics to absorb moisture and keep it off of your skin and clothing. Bamboo gets softer with each wash and draws up moisture. It is breathable and has antibacterial properties to help reduce the risk of infections such as mastitis. The pads have a contoured shape which helps to fit comfortably to the shape of the breast and not make it look bulky. They fit discreetly in your nursing bra.  

Using these chemical free, washable nursing pads not only protects the environment, but helps you to save money.

They are 15cm in diameter.

Each pad contains:
1 layer of cotton
1 layer of PUL
1 layer of bamboo
1 layer of flannelette

These reusable nursing pads can be washed in hot water. Please machine wash in a gentle cycle. Do not use fabric softeners as then they will reduce absorbency. Do not iron or put in a dryer, as it will damage/melt the waterproof PUL layer.